Snappy Ginger

35.88 or 59.94


I’m the snack that’ll curb your cravings, elevate your mood and give you the power to dominate your day. All you need is a mouth-watering fusion of nature’s most delicious organic fruits and nuts… with absolutely nothing else. Nutty Goodness® Snappy Ginger is not for those who just kinda like ginger. If you aren’t ready to have your mind blown by this barrage of mangos, dates, almonds and zesty ginger, then maybe this isn’t the flavor for you. Your call, but you’ve been warned.

Organic Date Paste (Organic DatesWater)Organic MangosWaterOrganic AlmondsOrganic GingerrootOrganic Lemon JuiceOrganic Ground GingerCONTAINS: ALMONDS