Pineapple Paradiso

35.88 or 59.94

NUTTY GOODNESS® Pineapple Paradiso

I’m the snack that’ll curb your cravings, elevate your mood, and give you the power to dominate your day. All you need is a mouth-watering fusion of nature’s most delicious organic fruits and nuts… with absolutely nothing else. Pineapple Paradiso is a more… laid back variety of Nutty Goodness®. He’s a good listener, genuine, all natural and always extra sweet. Are you craving a sub-tropical fusion of nuts and pineapple? Don’t freak out, bro. Just take a deep breath and kick it with your old friend.

Organic MangosOrganic PineapplesOrganic CashewsOrganic BananasOrganic Unsweetened CoconutOrganic Lime JuiceCONTAINS: CASHEWSCOCONUT