Budget-friendly Travel Hacks for the Holidays

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Everyone is craving for an amazing holiday trip. Whether it’s to celebrate a year’s worth of perseverance or to start the next one on a brighter vibe, satisfying the travel bug inside you is a wonderful way to treat yourself this coming winter.

But the elephant in the room still exists. And it’s bigger than ever. The COVID 19 pandemic did cause not only a health crisis but also an economic upheaval. People lost jobs, and the world was unprepared for the pandemic’s financial impacts.

But no one said you couldn’t travel in style even if you’re on a budget. Here are the six steps toward achieving the yuletide celebration you clearly deserve without stressing over your finances.

Prepare your own itinerary

Having a DIY itinerary is financially wiser than availing any tourism agencies’ packages. Creating your own itinerary helps avoid extra charges. And most importantly, it gives your plans flexibility and depth.

Preparing your own itinerary means having the time to enjoy the spots and activities you prefer. And by having total control of both your time and preferences, you’ll be able to budget your trip at the maximum level of comfort. Just keep in mind that research is essential in doing this. And that leads you to the second step.

Take advantage of social media

Social media comes in handy for both the third and fourth steps. But before you dive into that, make sure that you understand how valuable social media is in terms of gathering information.

You’ll be in a foreign place with a different culture and thousands of strangers. This often leads to scams or at least paying for services and products that have cheaper alternatives. Remember to check the average costs of local transportation, accommodation, and entertainment. Living like a local instead of a tourist would be the best way to spend less while enjoying more.

Try to join social media groups of the local communities. They usually use them as digital markets for both products and services that are essential for your trip. Some vloggers also focus on common scams and budget-friendly tips as their content. Within less than a day and a few clicks, you’d be able to massively decrease your expenses.


Consider shared accommodations

Another smart way to use social media is by looking for affordable accommodations. Hotels aren’t the only options to have glamorous lodging. It’s nearly 2022, and there are already hostels that can offer the exact five-star treatment you’d enjoy without having to pay much. These hostels usually provide students and young people long-term accommodations.

Co-living is trending now not only because of its financial benefits but also because of the amazing experience it offers. By using shared accommodations, you will not only immerse yourself in your destination’s culture but also get to know more about the cultures of the other guests. It’s an opportunity to make friends on a global scale and even get the chance to elevate your travel plans based on their input.

And don’t worry, your privacy will not be compromised since each bed and room have their own aesthetically pleasing dividers.

Squeeze in a side hustle

But if saving money is not enough for you to enjoy a lavish trip, then how about earning some as you travel? Freelancing is changing the world. And you can capitalize on it. There are multiple side hustles you can find online that can help you earn extra during your downtime.

If you have the knack for creative writing and marketing, some rentals offer discounted prices in exchange for social media handling, promotions, and marketing stunts like vlogs and blogs.

You can also make use of your mother tongue and teach English to non-native speakers. Most Asian countries have high rates for English teachers. Freelancers who have zero teaching experience can still earn around $15 an hour. If you perform well, that can go as high as $25/hour. And the best part is you’ll just be teaching something basic like the subject-verb agreement.

Make sure to travel light

Most people make mistakes by thinking that bringing half of everything they own can somehow help them lessen their expenses. That is not the case.

Traveling light means only bringing what is essential. By doing so, you won’t have to pay for your luggage both in the airport and while traveling locally. It avoids the hassle of lost luggage and time-consuming queues.

There are multiple products that you don’t have to bring. Your shampoo bottles and bars of soap can stay at home since most accommodations already hand them out for free. You can also just use a few sets of clothes. Avoid going clothes shopping for the trip no matter how exciting it could be and buy clothes at your destination instead. They will be much cheaper and you’re will be helpful in the revitalization of their local economy as well.

Be your own chef

This one is fairly simple. Cooking your meals means spending less. It’s an undeniable truth wherever you go. You can save a lot by going to the wet market and buying ingredients for a perfect meal. That way, you’d be spending less while ensuring your tummy’s safety at the same time.

You can still reserve a table at a luxurious restaurant once or twice. But for the rest of the trip, especially after partying hard, cooking your meal is the financially responsible way to go.

Before you book away

Traveling on a budget is not a bed of roses. But then again, roses are thorny and there are cheaper flowers that are still as beautiful and even more fragrant. The point is, traveling is about making memories. And memories can be made no matter how much you spend.

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