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What’s your idea of health and wellness?

Some people think that a weekly visit to a posh gym is enough to get them through life with minimal visits to the hospital. Others consider a consistent practice of yoga, mindful living and a grocery budget that would make a personal chef smile as pretty set for a path toward good health.

All of those sound wonderful, but at Nutty Goodness, we think a pricey gym membership and a costly food budget do not necessarily have to be the only ways to stay healthy.

Sometimes, the road to health and wellness begins with a click of the mouse.

Daily Reads for Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit

Our mission is to help you get the best information that will boost your well-being. And we happen to think that a good combination or balance of better food choices, consistent fitness routines and wellness practices would be the ideal way to achieve better health today.

We cover anything and everything about food, from nutrition values and empty calories to the concept of raw food and the need for wholesome foods. When you know more about what you buy and eat, you’re in a better position to make informed choices.

Because we believe that preventive health care is ideal to medical treatments, our editorial team ensures you’re getting accurate, up-to-date information.

Of course, a well-balanced life isn’t just about healthy eating. It’s also about enjoying life the best way possible, so you’ll find travel stories for holistic travelers.

Healthy Living in a Nutshell

We aim to provide knowledge and insights that will benefit those who are already living healthy and those who want to start to live a healthy lifestyle.

Read articles that inspire healthy living in an easy and fun way.

Our Writers

Lorrie Johanssen

Lorrie Johanssen

Lorrie is the editor and founder of Nutty Goodness. A triathlete and an overall health buff, he spends his free time learning about nutrition for physical and mental health if he’s not gaming or hiking up in the mountains.

Isla Lavine

Isla Lavine

Isla is a writer, photographer and entrepreneur. She likes to prepare meals based on seasonal ingredients on the weekends and loves working with whole foods and, on occasion, experiments with raw food. When she’s not in the kitchen, Isla’s on the front porch playing with Tofu, her white cat.

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