Auburn and golden leaves may be beautiful, but some of the seasonal allergies that come with the transition from summer to fall are not always so pretty. Temperature dips and new flora bring with them seasonal allergies and can sometimes put our immune systems in jeopardy. But don’t stress, you can still sip on a frothy treat while you roam the pumpkin patch without getting the flu. Small changes can make a big different difference when it comes to fending off seasonal woes. Here are some of our go-to tips for fall wellness.

Tips for Fall Wellness

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! While we love our snacks dehydrated, at Nutty Goodness we know better than to pass on water. Cooler temps often mean dryer air. Protect the health of your immune system and your skin by getting your daily eight. If your exercise routine is outdoors, water will help with fitness recovery as well as aid in appetite control.
  • Get outside! The fresh air is good for you, but be sure to check the forecast. As the temperature drops, with it does the motivation to get outdoors. Dress warmly, and smartly, for chillier weather with your favorite knits and some sturdy shoes and outerwear.
  • Get your zzz’s. Sleep cycles can be thrown by the shift in daylight as we have fewer hours of sunlight. Make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep. Prep before a busy work week by packing your lunch and gym bag ahead of time.
  • Wash your hands. We understand this should be a given, but the likelihood of someone scrubbing after every sneeze or nose blow is pretty slim. Pick up best practices like sneezing into crook of your elbow and hand washing as these are the best means to protect yourself from the common cold.
  • Consider a mindful diet. Remember, you’re watching football – not playing. With fall comes potlucks, tailgates, and holiday parties galore. These are wonderful opportunities to spend quality time with friends and family, so enjoy spread in moderation, but remember why you came together in the first place! Hint: it wasn’t the bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers…


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